Totality and Infinity at 50

Totality and Infinity at 50

Ed. by Scott Davidson and Diane Perpich $30.00

Published in 2011 | 300 pages | paper | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0452-4


"This book will quickly become the secondary volume of choice for students reading Totality and Infinity for the first time, as well as for scholars who have an intimate knowledge of the text." — Martin Kavka, Florida State University 

“Emmanuel Levinas’s Totality and Infinity. . . is arguably one of the most important and influential books in twentieth century continental philosophy. Davidson and Perpich have edited a book that both considers the legacy of this text and sketches its possible futures in light of contemporary philosophical debates. . . . Covering topics from applied ethics to legal theory and from pedagogy to human rights, this book is a significant contribution to contemporary Levinas scholarship. Recommended.” — Choice

Book Information:

The year 2011 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Emmanuel Levinas's Totality and Infinity, which now stands as one of the classic texts of the second half of the twentieth century. At this anniversary, this collection of essays suggests that a revitalized understanding of the text is needed. While readers can easily fall into routine readings and discussions of this originally provocative—even intoxicating—text, Totality and Infinity at 50 invites students of Levinas to explore new avenues into the work by charting a map of Levinas scholarship for the next 50 years.

From the problem of the other, the emphasis of ethics as first philosophy, the text's theological implications, and the focus on the role of the feminine, Totality and Infinity has been the subject of a wide range of interpretations and scholarly interests since its publication. While these various emphases have contributed to a greater understanding of Levinas's philosophy, they can also have the cumulative effect of leading us to believe that all of the different options have been explored. In contrast, this volume argues that there is still more to be said about this seminal book, inspiring readers to look beyond routine readings and worn themes of Totality and Infinity.


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