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Duquesne University Press, the scholarly publishing arm of Duquesne University, publishes monographs and collections in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, the Press's editorial program includes the fields of literary studies (medieval & Renaissance), philosophy, psychology, ethics, religious studies and theology. Interdisciplinary works are also of interest. Duquesne University Press does NOT publish fiction, poetry, children's books, technical or "hard" science works, or unrevised theses or dissertations.

Procedures for Submitting Manuscripts:

Initially, an author should submit a prospectus or summary information about the manuscript to the Press. This information might include an annotated table of contents, an outline and sample chapter, or a summary introduction. In addition, an author should send a copy of his or her curriculum vita or resume, along with a list of previous publications. If an author wishes this material to be returned, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed.

Submission materials should be sent to: 

Susan Wadsworth-Booth, Director
Duquesne University Press
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

If you wish to submit this material electronically, you may send e-mail to:; Please note that materials must be included in the body of your message, as the Press does not open unsolicited attachments.

If an author's prospectus suggests that the work would be appropriate for our publications list and demonstrates sufficient promise, we will invite the author to submit the entire manuscript for further review. Please note: while proposals may be sent to several publishers simultaneously, a complete manuscript should not be submitted to more than one press at a time. If an author does choose to submit a manuscript simultaneously, Duquesne University Press asks that this circumstance be communicated to us. The Press reserves the right to suspend or delay our review process, at our discretion, while manuscripts are under consideration elsewhere. 

When submitting a complete manuscript, authors are asked to comply with all guidelines detailed in our "Guidelines for Authors," contained at the end of this document. Complete manuscripts cannot be returned unless return postage is included.

Editorial Policies and Review Procedures:

Manuscripts requested for review and submitted by the author to the Press for consideration are first reviewed generally by the Press editorial staff. If the work seems to fit the editorial plan of the Press, and if the work seems to merit further consideration, we will solicit expert opinions from at least two readers.

Two favorable reviews from consultant readers are required for the Press to continue its consideration of a manuscript. If our readers recommend that the author revise a manuscript, we will ask the author to complete such revisions before having the work evaluated further.

A final decision to publish requires both two favorable reviews from consultant readers and the approval of our University Press Editorial Committee. This committee reviews each project, the readers' reports, and any other pertinent documentation in reaching its decisions.

Further revisions, as well as the author's cooperation with copyediting, proofreading, fact-checking, and text formatting, may all be required as conditions of publication.

Guidelines for Authors:

In preparing your manuscript for submission to our editorial department when it has been requested FOR REVIEW, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: 

Submit two (2) hard copies of the manuscript. At the review stage, computer disk copy is not required. 

Manuscript copy should be double-spaced, on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Margins should be at least 1" on all sides. Text should be unjustified (ragged right margin). Pages should be consecutively numbered. Double-sided copies are acceptable.

A total work and/or character count for the work should be given. All text, including tables, charts, graphs and illustrations, should be submitted. Text should include a table of contents, preface or introduction, all chapters, notes, bibliography, appendices or supplementary materials, and any other text to be included in the work.

In general, Duquesne University Press follows the stylistic guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style and asks that the authors prepare their manuscripts accordingly.

All explanatory notes should be prepared as endnotes and placed at the end of the text. Duquesne University Press does not accept footnotes, typed at the bottoms of corresponding pages. Endnotes should also be prepared in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style.

When submitting a manuscript that has been accepted FOR PUBLICATION, you should also adhere to these additional guidelines:

The author's entire manuscript should be stored in electronic format (CD-ROM, Zip disk, etc). Disks should be labeled as to the program and format used, and should give a directory of the files stored therein. Once disks are received by the Press, we will confirm the accessibility and readability of your files.

A new file should be created for each chapter or major subdivision of the text (notes, bibliography, tables, etc.); please note, however, that these separate files should be stored on the same disk.

Illustrations, Charts, Graphs and Photos are to be supplied by the author in reproducible format. Authors should consult with the publisher regarding the proper preparation of specific items. 

Any permissions required to quote material or to use illustrations in the book should be obtained by the author by the time the final manuscript is submitted to the Press. Photocopies of permissions given must be provided to the Press. 

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