What is the West?

What is the West?

Philippe Nemo $19.95

Published in 2006 | 155 pages | paper | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0375-6


“Among Nemo's many virtues is that he writes clearly and vividly. . . . He understands how the logic of human liberty is not just spiritual or just political but is spiritual, political, and economic at the same time. Nemo belongs to the deeper tradition that understands human action as a whole.” — First Things


“The need for this book can hardly be overestimated. . . . Only by understanding one's true culture can a true dialogue of civilizations begin, and What is the West is a good primer on our own.” — The University Bookman: A Quarterly Review of Books"

Author Information:

PHILIPPE NEMO is a professor at the ESCP-EAP, where he teaches philosophy and the history of political ideas. He is the author of Le Chaos Pedagogique and L'Homme Structural.


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