Reading Between the Lines: Form and Content in Levinas’s Talmudic Readings

Originally published in Hebrew, Reading Between the Lines takes up philosopher Emmanuel Levinas's fascinating contributions to Jewish thought, concentrating specifically on...

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The New Science of Communication: Reconsidering McLuhan's Message for our Modern Moment

“The medium is the message,” and we now live in a “global village”...

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John Donne and Early Modern Legal Culture: The End of Equity in the Satyres

Though law and satire share essential elements — both aim to correct individual vice, to promote justice, and to claim authority amid competing perspectives...

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Kant’s Philosophy of Communication

One might assume that another study of Immanuel Kant, one of the most prominent philosophers in the history of Western thought, is either presumptuous or unnecessary. But in this highly original work,...

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The Myth of Normative Secularism: Politics and Religion in the Democratic Homeworld

Modern political thought — at least in the West — has long presupposed ...

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Rhetoric and the Gift

A historian of ancient Greek rhetorical theory, Mari Lee Mifsud examines questions of significance in contemporary communication by turning first to Aristotle’s rhetorical theory and his use of Homer’s idea of exchange, or gift-giving...

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