The King James Bible across Borders and Centuries

Twelve essays examine the King James Version of the Bible both as world literature and as an important force in social, geographical, and linguistic cultures, demonstrating its tremendous influence from the Protestant Reformation to the present day.

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Stages of Engagement: Drama and Religion in Post-Reformation England

Stages of Engagement, in 12 essays from a wide range of scholars, reflects a reinvigorated concern for religion’s role in the early modern English stage.

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Ontology after Ontotheology: Plurality, Event, and Contingency in Contemporary Philosophy

After the vehement critique of metaphysics in the twentieth century, ontology has again ...

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Lived Experience from the Inside Out: Social and Political Philosophy in Edith Stein

While most works devoted to Edith Stein’s philosophical legacy focus on her later, more explicitly Christian works, including Finite and Eternal Being...

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Preaching the Gospel of Black Revolt: Appropriating Milton in Early African American Literature

“Pursuing things yet unattempted” in literary criticism, ...

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Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 9

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review is dedicated to scholarly work on the innovations and implications of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the twentieth century’s most eminent philosophers and religious thinkers.

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Duquesne University Press, founded in 1927, has a long and rich tradition of scholarly publishing in a variety of subject areas. 
Over the years, Duquesne’s editorial program has included award-winning titles in literary studies, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies; its early entry into fields such as existentialism and phenomenology long ago cemented its reputation for books that shape and influence serious thought.

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