The Mirror of Salvation

The Mirror of Salvation

Translation and commentary by Albert C. Labriola and John W. Smeltz $65.00

 Published in 2002 | 194 pages | cloth | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0323-0

Book Information:

This blockbook is the key to understanding the "religious climate" of the Middle Ages.  It was the first and only edition of its kind of the Mirror of Salvation, among the most significant and influential blockbooks of the fifteenth century.  This edition reprints all 58 woodcuts, each with two illustrations, translates into modern English the text of the entire blockbook, and provides detailed explanations of the woodcuts and the text.  No other edition approaches the magnitude of this achievement, which is intended to make the blockbook accessible to the present-day reader.

The detailed explanations highlight the biblical passages, both canonical and apocryphal, and mythological legends that develop the theme of the blockbook.  As the title Mirror of Salvation suggests, the blockbook's theme focuses on the roles of Christ and of the Virgin Mary in the salvation of humankind.

Author Information:

ALBERT C. LABRIOLA was a professor of English and Distinguished University Professor at Duquesne University and secretary of the Milton Society of America.  He was also the general editor of the Medieval & Renaissance Literary Studies book series.  He was named the Honored Scholar of the Milton Society of America for 2000.

JOHN W. SMELTZ was a research associate in English at Duquesne University.  Dr. Smeltz specialized in Middle English language and literature, manuscript study, and paleography.

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