Liturgy of the Neighbor: Emmanuel Levinas and the Religion of Responsibility

Liturgy of the Neighbor: Emmanuel Levinas and the Religion of Responsibility

Jeffrey Bloechl $60.00

Published in 2000 | 325 pages | cloth | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0311-4

Book Information:

More than an introduction to Levinas's philosophical itinerary and the position where it matures, Liturgy of the Neighbor is also a critical discussion and original response to an acknowledged master of the twentieth century. The Levinas who appears in this dialogue is a thinker not only determined to get free of Western tradition, but also one whose project and claims shed new and penetrating light on the major figures whose work stood in his way. By moving to this level, where Levinas's teachers and opponents speak for themselves and not only in the voices Levinas has assigned to them, Bloechl presses the discussion beyond an evaluation of Levinas's readings of his interlocutors, and beyond the question of his success in getting free of them, to the more urgent task of weighing the stakes of reestablishing religion, and the ethics where it has meaning, after Nietzche and, above all, Heidegger.

Author Information:

JEFFREY BLOECHL is associate professor of philosophy and director of the psychoanalytic studies program at Boston College. The general editor of Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, he has lectured and published widely in contemporary European thought, especially phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and the philosophy of religion.


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