Literature and Sacrament: The Sacred and the Secular in John Donne

Literature and Sacrament: The Sacred and the Secular in John Donne

Theresa M. DiPasquale $70.00

Published in 1999 | 300 pages | cloth | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0309-1


“This is the first comprehensive and detailed study of Donne's sacramental theology and its implications in the broad range of his poetry, secular and sacred, and prose works. . . . Most highly recommended.” — Choice


“This book is full of learning, wit, and grace. . . . With its attentive readings of poems, Literary Studies and Sacrament makes important contributions to Donne studies.” — John Donne Journal

“DiPasquale's book is distinguished by its extensive and careful scholarship, its clear and effective style, and its intelligent focus on the actual substance of Donne's poetry. . . . This is one of the two best books on Donne of the last decade. It should be read by every Donne scholar and recommended to advanced students not only for the information and insights on the poet but also as a model of what literary scholarship should be.” — Christianity and Literary Studies 

John Donne Society Distinguished Book Award

Book Information:

In this innovative study, Theresa DiPasquale examines John Donne's theological and ideological responses to the Reformation debate over the sacraments, and how this debate greatly influenced his view of the written word as visible sign and of the poet as the quasi-divine maker of that sign, and of the reader as its receiver. This study, then, attempts to reconstruct Donne's own, quite nuanced theology of sacrament to provide a guide to his poetics, and, in particular, to his conception of the exchange between author and reader."

Author Information:

THERESA M. DiPASQUALE is Gregory M. Cowan Professor in English Language and Literature at Whitman College. Her work on John Donne, Aemilia Lanyer, and John Milton has appeared in Modern Philology, John Donne Journal, Philological Quarterly, and The Journal of English and Germanic Philology. She is the author of Refiguring the Sacred Feminine: The Poems of John Donne, Aemilia Lanyer, and John Milton. She served as president of the John Donne Society in 2007–08.


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