Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 6

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 6

Ed. by Jeffrey Bloechl $35.00

Published in 2011 | paper | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0445-6

Book Information:

Dedicated to scholarly work on the innovations and implications of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, Levinas Studies includes insightful and inspiring essays by well-known and newer Levinas scholars. One volume of original essays appears each year.

This volume includes essays addressing Levinas's complex relation to religion, as marked variously by his proximity to Rosenzweig; his distance from Heidegger, Blanchot, and Agamben; his reaction to the Shoah; and his understanding of "the death of God." Also includes a little-known dialogue with Levinas from 1978.

Author Information:

Contributors include: Josy Eisenberg, Emmanuel Levinas, Jules Simon, Sarah Allen, Bernhard Casper, Claudia Welz, James Hatley, Arthur Cools, Christopher Fox, and Philip Harold.

Jeffrey Bloechl is associate professor of philosophy and director of the psychoanalytic studies program at Boston College. The general editor of Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, he has lectured and published widely in contemporary European thought, especially phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and the philosophy of religion.


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