Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 11

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 11

Ed. by Richard A. Cohen and Jolanta Saldukaityte $35.00

September 2017 | paper | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0709-9

Book Information:

In volume 11, guest editors Richard A. Cohen and Jolanta Saldukaityte welcome essays by scholars from around the world, and also include a new translation of an interesting book review written by Levinas.

Contents & Contributors:

Editor’s Introduction

            Richard Cohen and Jolanta Saldukaityte

Transcendence and Sensibility: Affection, Sensation, and Non-Intentional Consciousness

          Irina Poleshchuk

’Like a Virgin': Levinas's Antiplatonic Understanding of Love and Desire

            Brigitta Keintzel

Europe and Embodiment: A Levinasian Perspective

            James Mensch

On (Im)Patient Messianism: Marx, Levinas, and Derrida

          Chung-Hsiung Lai

The Strangeness of Alterity

          Jolanta Saldukaityte

Facing the Space of Reasons

          Kevin Houser

Levinas on Art and Aestheticism: Getting ‘Reality and Its Shadow’ Right

      Richard A. Cohen

On the Way to Ethical Culture: The Meaning of Art as Oscillating Between the Other, il y a, and the Third

            Rossitsa V. Borkowski

The il y a and the Ungrund: Levinas and the Russian Existentialists Berdyaev and Shestov

            James McLachlan

A Review of Leon Chestov's Kierkegaard and the Existential Philosophy

            Emmanuel Levinas


Author Information:

RICHARD A. COHEN is professor of philosophy and director of the Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage at the University at Buffalo.

JOLANTA SALDUKAITYTE teaches philosophy at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and University of Educational Sciences, both in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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