Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 9

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 9

Ed. by Jeffrey Bloechl $35.00

December 2014 | paper | ISBN: 978-0-8207-0484-5

Book Information:

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review is dedicated to scholarly work on the innovations and implications of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the twentieth century’s most eminent philosophers and religious thinkers. This series strives to advance reflection on Levinas’s thinking, in its pertinence for fields including philosophy, psychology, religious studies, theology, and the study of literature.

Volume 9 includes essays that probe the inner contours of Levinas's thinking, as well as others that explore the pertinence of that thinking for important contemporary issues. Extended attention is paid to his conceptions of infinity, Woman, eros, fecundity, and temporality. The ethics of radical responsibility is developed as a resource for understanding human dignity and care for the environment, and prompts a fresh look at the possibility of a protoethical dimension of fundamental ontology.

Contents & Contributors

The Inhuman Core of Human Dignity: Levinas and Beyond

Rudi Visker

 Phenomenology and the Infinite: Levinas, Husserl, and the Fragility of the Finite

Drew M. Dalton

Transcendence and Salvation in Levinas’s Time and the Other and Totality and Infinity

Marc A. Cohen

Woman as First among Equals: A Subversive Reading of Domesticity in Totality and Infinity

Jeffrey Hanson

Eros and Justice: The Erotic Origin of Society

James Mensch

The Missing Sequel: Levinas and Heidegger’s Unfinished Project

Eric R. Severson

Heidegger’s Ethics and Levinas’s Ontology: Phenomenology of Prereflective Normativity

Martin Gak

Speech and Silence: Levinas and the Postwar Refounding of Ethics

Seán Hand

The Self as Inseparable Separation: Deepening the Starting Position for Our Relation with the Environment

Nicole Note

Editor Information:

JEFFREY BLOECHL is associate professor of philosophy at Boston College and honorary professor of philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He has published widely in contemporary European thought and philosophy of religion. He is currently working on book-length studies of philosophy of religion in the wake of Heidegger and on Freud’s later work. Bloechl is also the founding editor of Levinas Studies: An Annual Review. 



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