Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 8

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review, Volume 8

Ed. by Jeffrey Bloechl $35.00

Published in September 2013 | 978-0-8207-0469-2 paper

Book Information:

Levinas Studies: An Annual Review is dedicated to scholarly work on the innovations and implications of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the twentieth century’s most eminent philosophers and religious thinkers. This series strives to advance reflection on Levinas’s thinking, in its pertinence for fields including philosophy, psychology, religious studies, theology, and the study of literature.

Volume 8 specifically addresses the current debate among scholars regarding the relation between Levinas’s talmudic writings and his philosophical work. By engaging Levinas on such questions concerning Judaism and philosophy, and the relationship between text and inspiration, these eight essays take those issues considerably further into the field. Specifically, the authors treat Levinas and his contemporary thinkers Lacan and Jankélévitch, his interest in the writing of Shakespeare and Léon Bloy, his philosophy of language and exegesis, and finally, Levinasian meditations on Hebrew texts of Scripture. 


  • Jeffrey Bloechl, Introduction
  • Guy-Félix Duportail, Levinas and Lacan: Faced with the Eclipse of Christianity
  • Andrew Kelley, Jankélévitch and Levinas on the “Wholly Other”
  • Seán Hand, Salvation through Literature: Levinas’s Carnets de captivité
  • Steven Shankman, From Solitude to Maternity: Levinas and Shakespeare
  • Olga Kuminova, “Oral Discourse Is the Plenitude of Discourse”: Emmanuel Levinas’s Philosophy of Language Applied to Reading
  • Abi Doukhan, Beyond Haverut: Toward an Interfaith Hermeneutics
  • Alan Udoff, Levinas and the Question of Cardiology
  • Richard I. Sugarman, Through the Lens of Levinas: Prelimary Reflections on Holiness (Leviticus 19)

Author Information:

JEFFREY BLOECHL is associate professor of philosophy at Boston College and honorary professor of philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He has published widely in contemporary European thought and philosophy of religion. He is currently working on book-length studies of philosophy of religion in the wake of Heidegger and on Freud’s later work. Bloechl is also the founding editor of Levinas Studies: An Annual Review. 

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